The truth must be told. There is no one way of having a perfect Curriculum Vitae for a law student. If you are keeping some essential particulars in mind while drafting your cv, then any format will work. These essential particulars are listed below.

Essential particulars of Curriculum Vitae

  1. Personal Details – Name of the student, Name of the college, Specifications about the course which includes the year in which the student is studying in, date of birth, current address, email address and Phone number of the student.
  2. Academic Background – This section should include an overall score of the student in his 10th and 12th class along with the details of the school and Board(CBSE, ICSE, etc) in which he has studied. It should also include the overall grade point of all the semesters in a Law School.
  3. Internship Experience- This section should include all the details of the organization(Firm, Lawyer, Company, NGO), Positions and time duration of the internship. It should also include also necessary skills which you gained while doing the internship like Drafting, Researching, assisting, Proof-reading of case notes.
  4. Extra-curriculars and Co-Curricular Activities – This should include Participation and achievements in various activities organized by law schools such as Parliamentary Debates, MUNs, Moot Courts, Judgement Writing Competitions, Trial Advocacy, Arbitration Competitions, and various other quizzes and Competitions.

A Law School is a place where you can test and push your boundaries and make development in your intellectuality and Personality.

Law School provides avenues both for team activities like moots and debates and also for those who want to do individual-centric activities. Integrated Law course is of 5 years which is a long duration to acquire a Bachelor’s degree. While the law school syllabus, Constant evaluations and pressure of performing well is always a looming pressure for a law student, there is also an ample opportunity for building a wholesome and impressive Curriculum Vitae by the time one has graduated, in order to become an invaluable asset of an organization.

There can be various ways of doing this but it can be really helpful if a law student finalizes and decide what will be his area of experience and expertise. It will help students in channelizing and focusing on his goal. It is better to focus on something rather than working hard without any direction and goals. Such a focus can be reflected in your CV in the form of pursuing an extra course, participating in competitions related to that specific subject in which you are focusing. All of these are valid means of showing your focus and dedication towards a field of your interest in your cv.

Employers might treat you like any other law student during your internship, Job interview, Placement sessions, however, what will set you apart would be the quality of recognizing your field of interest and seriousness in pursuing it. A focused mind, a candidate that believes in prioritization and a disciplined approach towards an aim are admirable qualities that will go a long way and cast a good impression of the candidate.

Participating in Competitions

  1. Moot Court Competitions – Most of the colleges have a process of intra-college bidding for participating in external moot court competitions, which decides which team shall represent the institutions at the state/national/international level. Moot court competitions are a nice way of sharpening your research and public speaking skills. Months long process of preparing memorials is a nice of handling academic commitments. People juggle between moot courts and continuous law school assessment. So, one must take part in the intra-college shortlisting process for being able to take part in these competitions.
  2. Parliamentary Debate – Similarly like moot court competitions, most of the colleges have internal methods of deciding who represents the college in external tournaments. The process of elimination prepares the student to learn many things at the university level. It improves the rigorous higher-order and critical thinking skills of the students.
  3. Other Competitions – For most of the other competitions, students can participate which will help them in sharpening their focused skills. There are many websites which aim to abreast students with new and upcoming events. Some of them are-
  • Lawyer Adda
  • Legal Bites
  • Lawctopus

Writing a Research Paper

All the major law schools have their own law journals. There are also many other well-reputed journals and magazines under different subject heads and call for research papers on their websites. This process is generally peer-reviewed or reviewed by professors. The publication of the research paper is a long process that includes various tasks such as editing, formatting and adding or subtracting references. There are also various Conferences that require a paper presentation for a research paper to get published.


It’s not an easy task to get an internship in the legal field in India because of the tough competition. But many universities have their own Training and Placement cells. Students can apply through these cells or they can make contacts when they go for competitions and conferences. If one applies 3-4 months in advance, there is a better chance of securing an interview spot. A cover letter goes a long way in casting a good impression on the employer. Following things must be considered while applying-

  • The period for which one is seeking an internship.
  • Your background experience and the record of your previous internships.
  • Reasons for which you want to intern in that organization.
  • A thankful note requesting an affirmative reply.

Once you have applied for the internship, You have to follow up by emails and Telephone calls and if you don’t get internship in that organization, then you can re-navigate this process to some other organization.

Bottom Line

Lastly, Students must ensure that they do not get so engrossed in building a Curriculum Vitae that they start neglecting tasks that bring them pleasure. There may be times when one is in a dilemma and has to choose between two tasks where one of them probably brings pleasure and enrichment of a kind that cannot be quantified in a Curriculum Vitae and the other is a monotonous task that only decorates the C.V. Oftentimes, law students overlook their mental health and that accumulates and manifests into detrimental habits later on.

Five years is a long time and one can always reinvent themselves during their law schools.  It is all about well planning and time management. It is, after all, our own duty, to check up on ourselves and our mental health and that can only happen if we maintain a balance between fun and work. Of course, this balance may look different for different human beings that is completely alright.

Have a great time in Law School.

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