Call for Chapters: Ms. Ekta Sood & Ms. Vibhuti Nakta’s Book on Cyber Crime and Cyber Safety: Submit by April 15

About the Editors

Ms. Ekta Sood, Assistant Professor, Him Capes College of Law and Ms. Vibhuti Nakta, Assistant Professor, Chandigarh University are inviting papers for their edited book on Cyber Crime and Cyber Safety.

About the Book

Name of the Book: Book on Cyber Crime and Cyber Safety: Socio Legal Implications

Cyber Crimes are ever-increasing especially due to paucity of laws, the dearth of enforcement agencies and lack of education and awareness amongst people. Cybersafety remaining a subject of an ongoing debate. Cyber safety is crucial and central for every human being and is subject of continual interest for all.

Cybercrime and cybersecurity has several contours, constitutional and human rights. Right to the internet is now recognized as a basic human right, however, the moot question remains weather we are prepared for the future implications of the

Themes and Sub-themes

  1. Cyber Security and Cyber Crime;
  2. Internet Crimes
  3. Crimes against Government
  4. Crimes against Women and Children
  5. Cybersecurity: Laws and policies
  6. Need for Laws and Enforcement agencies on Cyber Laws
  7. Cyber Squatting
  8. Internet Crimes
  9. Right to the Internet and Fundamental Rights
  10. Right to Privacy and Right to Internet

The Topics above are not exhaustive and contributors may contribute to topics related to the theme.

Submission Procedure

Contributors are invited to submit on or before 15th April 2020, an abstract of not less than words 200 clearly explaining the topic, methodology and objectives of the proposed paper to cyber_safety[at]

Authors will be notified by 30th April 2020, about the status of their proposals. Full papers are expected to be submitted by or before 30th May 2020, as per the guidelines.

Important Dates

  • 15th April 2020: Abstract Submission Deadline
  • This publication is anticipated to be released in September 2020
  • 30th April 2020: Notification of Acceptance of Abstract
  • 30th May 2020: Full Paper Submission
  • 30th June 2020: Review Results Returned
  • 15th July 2020: Final Chapter Submission
  • 30th July 2020: Final Acceptance Notification

Publication Guidelines

Contributors please carefully note and follow the guidelines below as you write. Any manuscript not meeting these guidelines will be returned to the author(s) for correction, which may cause significant delays in the publication process.

E-mail the chapter at cyber_safety[at]

  • Word Count for the book chapter- not to exceed 3000 words (excluding footnotes)
  • Only ORIGINAL submissions will be accepted for publication. Manuscripts may not have been previously published or be submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • Manuscripts should be submitted in Times New Roman, with font size 12, line spacing 1.5’; justified, with sufficient margins of 1.5’ to the left and 1.0’ on all sides. Manuscripts can be in the form of articles. ‘Article’ refers to a comprehensive and thorough analysis of issues related to the theme.
  • Co-authorship is permitted but there can be a maximum of two authors.
  • Footnotes should be numbered sequentially in Indian Law Institute Mode of Citation.
  • The authors will have to submit a plagiarism report along with the final submission, failing which contributions will not be accepted.
  • The contributors will have to pay a nominal fee of Rs. 300/- which shall be taken once final acceptance is communicated.

Contact Details

E-mail:  cyber_safety[at]

Mobile number: 7807917900; 9882057412

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