About the Journal

Studies in Indian Politics is a double-blind peer-reviewed bi-annual journal. The journal publishes research writings that seek to explain different aspects of Indian politics. It adopts a multi-method approach and publishes articles based on primary data in the qualitative and quantitative traditions, archival research, interpretation of texts and documents, and secondary data.

The Journal covers a wide variety of sub-fields in politics, such as political ideas and thought in India, political institutions and processes, Indian democracy, and politics from a comparative perspective particularly with reference to the global South and South Asia, India in the world affairs, and public policies. While such a scope makes it accessible to a large number of readers, keeping India at the center of the focus makes it target-specific.

Categories of Submissions

The journal publishes research writings that seek to explain different aspects of Indian politics.

  • Articles: Should not ordinarily exceed 7,000 words in length, inclusive of references, tables and figures
  • Notes, commentaries and book review essays: Should not exceed 3,000 words in length
  • Book Reviews: Should not ordinarily exceed 1,000 words
  • Abstract of not more than 150 words and 4–6 keywords for articles

Submission Guidelines

  • Manuscripts should adhere to the word limit mentioned before.
  • All Submissions should be sent only in soft copy, preferably in MS Word, double-spaced throughout (even for quotations, notes, references).
  • Along with the submission, authors also need to send an undertaking that the same article is not submitted to any other publication.
  • There is no limit on the number of references allowed.
  • Authorship: All parties who have made a substantive contribution to the article should be listed as authors.
  • Acknowledgments: All contributors who do not meet the criteria for authorship should be listed in an Acknowledgements section.

Submission of the Manuscripts

Manuscripts must be submitted at

  • lokniti.journal[at]csds.in for Research Papers
  • philip.oldenburg[at]columbia.edu for Book Reviews
  • ujjwalksingh[at]gmail.com for Book Reviews
  • rajeshwari.deshpande[at]gmail.com for Teaching-Learning Political Science
  • divya.vaid09[at]gmail.com for Notes on Methods

Contact Information

For further information,contact the Editors:

  • Suhas Palshikar (ched.sip[at]gmail.com)
  • K. C. Suri (surikc[at]gmail.com)

The Assistant Editor:

  • Abhay Datar (abhaydatar[at]hotmail.com)


For detailed information about the submissions for the Journal, click here.


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