This post includes law internships in NGOs, Law Firms and Lawyers. But before you apply to these firms, I would like to advise you about something. If you send your internship application in a huge number, then there are high chances that your application will end up in trash can. you should first research about organizations in which you are going to apply and curate your application in that way.

Please help us in updating this list. If you know any organization which is not there in this list then please comment below and We will add that organization in this post. This post is for your benefit, I have tried to cover all the major organization providing legal internship in the market but if some organization is missing then please comment.

NGOs and Research Organisation

1. Aarohan, New Delhi, Email– [email protected]
2. Asian African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO), Delhi, E [email protected]
3. Center for Science and Environment, Delhi, Email– [email protected][email protected]
4. Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy, Delhi, Email [email protected] g(Vinod Bhanu)

5. Centre for Public Policy, New Delhi:
6. Centre for WTO Studies, Indian Insititute of Foreign Trade, Delhi: To be updated
7. Chetanalaya, New Delhi, Email[email protected]
8. Common Wealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), DelhiEmail [email protected]
9. Consumers India, New Delhi, Email[email protected] 
10. CRY, Delhi, Email– [email protected]
11. Haq: Centre for child rights, Delhi:, [email protected]
12. Honour Our Women: To be updated
13. Human Rights Law Network, Delhi, Email[email protected]
14. iJustice, Delhi (a public interest law firm,)Email– [email protected]
15. India Vision Foundation, NGO, Delhi,Email[email protected]
16. Make A Difference, Delhi:, [email protected]
17. MARG Multiple Action, EMAIL[email protected]
18. Navjyoti India Foundation, Gurgaon, Email[email protected]
19. Navjyoti India Foundation,Gurgaon,Email[email protected]
20. Observer Research Foundation, Email[email protected],
21. PRS Legislative Research, New Delhi,Email[email protected],
22. Public Interest Legal Support and Research Centre (PILSARC), Delhi, Email-: [email protected][email protected]
23. PUCL, New Delhi, Email[email protected] (Mahi Pal Singh)
24. Rakshak Foundation, NewDelhi, Email[email protected]
25., New Delhi, Email[email protected]
26. Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust, New Delhi, Email[email protected]
27. Software Freedom Law Center, New Delhi,Email:  [email protected](Mamta Verma)
28. TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute), New Delhi,Email[email protected],
29. Transparency International India, New Delhi, Email[email protected]
30. Vidhi Center for Legal Policy, Delhi, Email[email protected]
31. RLEK (Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra), Dehradun, Email[email protected]
32. Make a Difference, Chandigarh, Email[email protected]
33. Breakthrough NGO, Lucknow, Email[email protected]
34. Samanvaya, Uttarakhand: 05966 – 2506/2259
35. Human Rights Law Network, Allahabad, Email[email protected][email protected], 0532– 2623893, 2421893
36. SOS Organics, Pant Village, Almora, Uttarakhand:, [email protected]
37. Latika Roy Foundation, Dehradun:, [email protected]
38. Association of Advocacy and Legal Initiative , AALI, Lucknow: To be updated
39. Bar and Bench, Bangalore, Email[email protected]
40. Greenpeace, Bangalore, Email[email protected]
41. Center for Law and Policy Research, Bangalore,Email[email protected]
42. Center for Environmental Law, Education, Research and Advocacy, NLSIU, Bangalore,Email[email protected]
43. BOSCO, Bangalore, Email[email protected]
44. Center for Law and Policy Research, Bangalore, Email[email protected]
45. Janaagraha, Bangalore, Email[email protected]
46. Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore, Email[email protected]
47. Takshashila Institution, Bangalore:

48. Foundation for Democratic Reforms, Hyderabad, Email[email protected],

49. MV Foundation, Hyderabad, Email[email protected]

50. Centre for Disability Studies, NALSAR, Hyderabad,Email[email protected]
51. CARPEDCentre For Action Research and People’s Development, Hyderabad, Email[email protected] (M.Subash Chandra)
52. Center for Legal Awareness, Hyderabad, Email[email protected]
53. Centre for Public Policy and Research, Cochin,Email[email protected]
54. Action Aid India, Kolkata,Email[email protected]
55. HRLN, Kolkata, Email[email protected]
56. CHRI, Kolkata, Email[email protected]
57. HOPE Foundation, Kolkata: 03324742904;,Email: [email protected]
58. Helpage India, Kolkata, Email[email protected][email protected]
59. Maya Foundation. Kolkata, Email[email protected] / [email protected], +033 2356 4274 / 2555 2823
60. Bachpan Bachao Andolan, Patna: 09430074327
61. Voluntary Health Association of Sikkim, Gangtok: To be updated
62. Majlis, Mumbai, Email[email protected][email protected]
63. International Justice Mission, Mumbai: To be updated
64. CRY, Mumbai, Email[email protected]
65. Advitya, Munbai, Email[email protected], +91 9820844415 , +91 22 26602900
66. Human Rights Law Network, Mumbai,Email :[email protected] OR [email protected]
67. Greenpeace India, Pune: 020-65612780
68. Centre for Development Studies and Activity, Pune: +91-20-64730010
69. Saheli Karyakarta Sangh, Pune: 020-65287296
70. Yuva Unstoppable, Ahmedabad, Email[email protected]
71. Self Employed Women’s Agency (SEWA), Ahmedabad, Email[email protected]
72. PUCL, Jaipur,Email: [email protected] (Pappu Kumawat), [email protected]
73. Consumer Unity Trust Society, Jaipur,Email[email protected]
74. MKSS, Rajasthan, Email[email protected]
75. HRLN, Ranchi, Email[email protected] (Ahmed Raza), [email protected]
76. Subhash Children Society, Kanpur: 904485758 , 9935309431
77. Social Welfare Association of Neo Socialites (S.W.A.N.S) Bhopal, Email[email protected]
78. Human Rights Law Network, Bhopal, Email[email protected]

79. Advocate Ms. Geeta Luthra, New Delhi, Email[email protected]
80. Advocate Vrinda Grover, Delhi, Email[email protected]
81. Senior Advocate K.T.S. Tulsi, Delhi,Email[email protected]
82.Advocate Rajan Narain, Delhi, Website[email protected] or [email protected]
83.Advocate Madhav Khurana, Delhi,Email[email protected]
84.Satish Tamta, Criminal Lawyer, Delhi: To be updated
85. Senior Advocate Geeta Luthra, Delhi, Email[email protected][email protected]
86. Advocate PP Rao, Noida : 0120-2511655, +(91)-9811152510
87. Advocate Amarjeet Singh Chandhiok, Delhi , Email[email protected] (Radhakrishnan)
88. Senior Advocate C.S. Vaidyanathan, Delhi, Email[email protected]
89. Kaushal Law Associates, Delhi: (Assistant Mr. Mohan) 9911149992
90. Advocate Mohan Parasaran, Delhi, Email[email protected]
91. Advocate Pranay Aggarwala, Delhi, Email [email protected]
92. Advocate Surrender Chauhan, Delhi : 981008741
93. Advocate Kawaljit Kochar, Delhi, Email[email protected]
94. Advocate Menaka Guruswamy, Delhi, Email[email protected]
95. Advocate Madhava Khurana, Delhi, Email[email protected]
96. Advocate Pramod K. Dubey, Delhi,Email[email protected]
97. Advocate Rakesh Kumar Singh, Delhi, Email[email protected]
98. Advocate Madhav Khurana, Delhi, Email[email protected]
99. Senior Advocate Pinky Anand, Delhi, Email[email protected] or [email protected]
100. Advocate Sushil Kumar, Delhi, Email[email protected]
101.Advocate Anuradha Dixit, Delhi, Email[email protected]
102.Advocate Meera Bhaitia, Delhi, Email[email protected]
103.Senior Advocate Parag P Tripathi, Delhi, Email[email protected]
104.Advocate Parvinder Chauhan, Delhi, Email[email protected]
105.Adl. Solicitor General Rajeeve Mehra, Delhi, Email[email protected]
106.Senior Advocate Jayant Bhushan, Delhi, Email[email protected]
107.M.N. Krishnamani, Delhi, Email :[email protected] (S. Saptarishi)
108.Lotus India Legal Solutions, Dehradun, Email[email protected]
109.Advocate Ajay Singh Bhadauria, Kanpur: +91 9415041966
110.Senior Advocate Anmol Rattan Siddhu, Chandigarh, Email[email protected]
111.Advocate Amar Vivek, Chandigarh, Email[email protected]
112.Mr. V. Inbavijayan (Arbitrator), Chennai, Email[email protected]
113.Advocate Sri Mohan Reddy, Hyderabad: +91 9849211825
114.Senior Advocate Amirthalingam, Chennai,Email[email protected]
115.Advocate Manish Goyal, Allahabad, Email[email protected], 9839152188
116.CH Jadhav Associates, Karnataka: 91 9448056042 or 08022251756
117.Mandgi Associates, Bangalore: 080-22266712
118.Tamal Kanti Mukherjee, Kolkata (a renowned district court lawyer): +91 – 9830042715
119.Mahesh Jethmalani, Mumbai, Email: Sana Usman at [email protected]
120. Senior Advocate Ashok Saraogi, Mumbai: 0902205942
121.Virtue resolute Legal, Pune, Email[email protected]
122.Manasi Joshi and Associates, Pune, Email[email protected]
123.Advocate S Bhargava and Associates, Indore, Email[email protected]
124.Chaudhary Law Associates, Bhopal, Email[email protected]
125.Advocate Anoop Nair, Jabalpur, Email[email protected]
126.Advocate Inder Raj Saini, Jodhpur: 141-2227340, 9414042777.
127.Advocate Shiv Chand Sahu, Jaipur: 141-2293486
128.Advocate A K Gupta, Jaipur, Email[email protected], 0141-2293756
129.Advocate Bharat Das Vaishnav, Durg (Chattisgarh): 09300673466
130.Advocate Ajinkya Dagaonkar, Indore Email[email protected]
Law Firms

131. ALMT Legal – Email: [email protected],[email protected] (Mumbai)
132. Altacit Global
Email: [email protected] (Chennai)
133. Amarchand Mangaldas Suresh A. Shroff & Co.
Email: [email protected] (Kolkata)
Email: [email protected],
[email protected] (Delhi)
Email: [email protected] (Mumbai)
134. Anand & Anand
Email: [email protected] (All offices)
135. Argus Partners
Email: [email protected] (Kolkata)
136. Atman Law Chambers
Email: [email protected] (Chennai)
137. AZB & Partners
Email: [email protected],
[email protected] (Mumbai)
Email: [email protected],
Email: [email protected] (Bangalore)
138. Bharucha & Partners
Email:[email protected] (Mumbai)
139. Chitale & Chitale Partners
Email:[email protected] (New Delhi)
140. Desai Desai Carrimjee & Mulla
Email: [email protected] (Mumbai)
141. DSK Legal
Email: [email protected] (all offices)
142. Dua Associates
Email: [email protected] (All offices)

143. Deccan Global Law Firm
Email: [email protected] (Hyderabad)

144. Economics Law Practice
Email: [email protected] (All offices)

145. Finsec Law Advisors

146. FoxMandal Little

Email: [email protected] (Noida)

147. Gagrats
Email: gagrat[email protected] (Mumbai/New Delhi)

148. Gopakumar Nair Associates
Email: [email protected] (Mumbai)

149. Hariani & Co.
Email: [email protected] (Mumbai)

150. Jyoti Sagar Associates
Email: [email protected]

151. Juris Corp
Email: [email protected] (Mumbai)

152. Kaden Boriss Partners
Email: [email protected]

153. Kanga & Company
Email: [email protected] (Mumbai)

154. Khaitan & Co.
Email: [email protected]  (Mumbai)
155. Krishna & Saurastri
Email: [email protected] (Mumbai)

156. Kochhar & Co.
Email: [email protected] (Delhi)

157. Luthra & Luthra Law Offices
Email: [email protected],
158. Majmudar & Partners
Email: [email protected]

159. Nishith Desai Associates
Email: [email protected] (Mumbai/Bangalore)

160. O.P. Khaitan & Co. Email: [email protected] (Delhi)

161. Pathak & Associates (P&A Law Offices)
Email: [email protected] (New Delhi)

162. Paras Kuhad & Associates
Email: [email protected] (Mumbai)

163. Phoenix Legal
Email: [email protected] (Mumbai)

164. PRA Law Offices
Email: [email protected] (New Delhi)

165. Rajinder Narain & Co.
Email: [email protected] (New Delhi)

166. S&R Associates
Email: [email protected], [email protected] (All offices)

167. Seth Dua & Associates
Email: [email protected]

168. Singhania & Partners
Email: [email protected]

169. SRGR Law Offices
Email: [email protected] (Noida)

170. Swarup & Co.
Email: [email protected] (New Delhi)

171. Tatva Legal
Email: [email protected] (All offices),[email protected],
[email protected] (Delhi)

172. Titus & Co
Email: [email protected],
[email protected] (New Delhi)
Email: [email protected],
173. Universal Law Associates
Email: [email protected] (Mumbai)

174. YJ Trivedi & Co.
Email: [email protected] (Ahmedabad)


175. BizResearch Labs, DelhiEmail[email protected]

176. FICCI (IPR Division), Delhi, Email[email protected]

177. iPleaders, Delhi, Email[email protected]

178.Legal League Consulting, New Delhi, Email[email protected]
179. Lexis Nexis, Delhi, Email :[email protected]

180. Reliance Life Insurance Company, Gurgaon Email [email protected]

181. Mahyco Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad , Website:
182. SBI Corporate Accounts Group, Kolkata, Email[email protected]

183. ITAG Business Solutions, Kolkata, Website [email protected]

184. Copyright Integrity International, Email :Bangalore: [email protected]

185. IP Markets, Hyderabad, Email– [email protected]

Note- In our next article, we will come up with the compiled list of contacts law internship in metro cities of India.

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