Child Pornography is a subject that can be seen from different lenses. It has invaded a million minds and the recent Boys locker room can be seen as an example of it. The majority of it can be seen in the juveniles. The total control of child pornography may seem very difficult to achieve but major restrictive and strict actions can be taken to combat this worldwide problem.


The Internet has become an essential power in our day to day normal life. In the landmark Judgement of Faheema Shirin V. State of Kerala, Court observed that the Right to the Internet is the Fundamental Rights of an individual. Recently, Delhi Commission for women took a suo moto cognizance on the Boys Locker Room Group. Most of the group members were minors and were engaged in the sharing of private pics of minor girls and were planning to rape them.

The Circulation of sexually explicit content on various social media and chat applications is a common practice among Indians. There are already many strict laws in India against watching sexual content or circulating them on social media but people still resort to such practices. A survey conducted by Porn hub shows that India is the third-most Porn watching country in the world. It also shows that the most searched content is Child Pornography and Forced sex. Most of the people watching porn on social media are teenagers but they don’t care about its serious repercussions.

The Boys Lockerroom incidence can shock the conscience and question the morality of any society. Also, it also puts so many questions in a society were young school-going teenagers are resorting to Paedohipilia and Misogynist behavior which can lead to an increase and normalize rape culture.

Indian Laws on watching Porn

The Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act) deals with the matters related to pornography in India.

  1. Section 67 of the IT Act – It talks about the provisions for punishment related to publishing or circulating obscene explicit material in electronic forms. Any person publishing any material which is lascivious or if its effects are such that it corrupts the mind of persons who are likely having regards to all relevant circumstances, to read, see or hear the matter contained or embodied in it, shall be punishable with a fine of a ten lakh rupee or imprisonment extending up to five years
  2. Section 67 B of the IT Act – establishes punishment for circulating or transmitting materials depicting children below 18 years in a sexually explicit act. It also punishes those persons who entice or induces to online relationship with one or more children for and on sexually explicit acts or in a manner that may offend a reasonable adult on the computer or any other online resources.
  3. Section 354 A of IPC – This section punishes the sexual offenders, who demand sexual favors or passes sexually colored remarks or shows porn against the will of the women and engages in sexual advances and contact or any unwelcome sexual remarks. The offender can be punished with rigorous imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with fine or with both.
  4. The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO Act) – It says that if any person found in possession of sexually explicit images of children will be punished with imprisonment that can extend up to 7 years as per the proposed POSCO Amendment Bill. It also provides provisions for the punishment for people storing child pornographic material. POSCO Act also puts an obligation to inform and provide information to the special juvenile police unit or the local police with regard to any sexually explicit content posted or shared on the social media platforms.


The evolution of technology has been a tool for many people to learn and grow. Few bunches of rouges can’t dilute the credibility and utility of the social media platform. The internet should be judicially used so that it will not become the hub of breeding misogynistic and sexist ideas. The circulation of child pornography if not handled wisely then it can lead to a drastic increase in illegal pornography and child trafficking. Bois locker room has alarmed the moral conscience of many people in society.

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