About ProceJureLaw

At ProceJureLaw, pertinent legal themes are delivered to their readers in an uncomplicated manner along with venturing into avenues beyond the legal field. ProceJureLaw is on a mission to make legal themes more accessible and a stimulating experience to incorporate every unique perspective.

ProceJureLaw seeks to leave the conventional ways of writing behind and work with a relentless drive to form our opinions, and ‘think things differently.’ Lastly, ProceJureLaw aims to promote the legal culture far and wide in an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual trust.


A minimum period of 3-4 weeks.

About the Internship

  • It is in the form of legal research and article writing.
  • The interns will be allotted one topic at a time and the submission has to be made in the specified format and time frame after which the next topic will be emailed.
  • During the course of this internship, an Intern is expected to submit around 7-8 such articles.
  • The intern also has a say in the nature of topics he/she would like to pursue and build upon.

Perks of the Internship

  • An Internship certificate shall be provided to all the selected candidates.
  • The interns will also be given their well-deserved credit for any submission made by them.

Who can Apply?

Application Procedure: Any student pursuing a law degree from any recognized university is welcome to apply.

Interested students are requested to fill out this form.

Contact Information

In case of any queries or clarifications, please direct them to procejurelaw[at]gmail.com.

The website link is here.


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