About the Opportunity

The Melton Foundation is offering fellowship opportunities for 2021, for those who advocate the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, intercultural experiences, and international collaboration to create tangible action.

About Melton Foundation

For 25 years, Melton Foundation has been a leading proponent of global citizenship practice worldwide. It has played a great role in shaping young minds through experiential learning, skill development, and intercultural exposure.

In the year 1991, entrepreneur and visionary William (Bill) Melton and peace activist Patricia Smith created the Melton Foundation. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Pinochet regime in Chile, and the economic and social transformations taking place in China and India in the 1990s triggered the thought of the creation of Melton in Bill’s and thus was created Melton Foundation.

Who Should Apply

Individuals with the following attributes should apply:

  • Civic engagement at the community level
  • Curiosity for different social contexts and cultures
  • Demonstrable interest in global challenges and international issues
  • Respect for diversity, whether across the street or across the globe
  • Personal motivation, initiative, and ability to work in teams
  • Sufficient English language skills to understand and participate in all aspects of the program, and
  • Strong academic record


  • The interested candidate must be a university student.
  • Age: 18-25 years old as of the application deadline
  • The individual will foreseeably live within the city limits of any of our partner universities for the next 1.5 years:
    • Bangalore, India
    • Greater Accra, Ghana
    • New Orleans, United States
    • Jena, Germany
    • Temuco, Chile
    • Hangzhou, China
  • Must currently be enrolled in a degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate school program
  • Have sufficient English language skills in order to understand and participate in all aspects of the program including complex discussions on human issues
  • Have a proven track record of civic engagement in your local community
  • Be aware of and committed to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and practicing Global Citizenship as a lifestyle
  • Be able to provide 1 letter of recommendation if invited to the local assessment center

Application Process

Submit your written Fellowship Application. If you are invited to a final interview, you will need to provide at least one recommendation letter in support of your application form

Selection Process

  • Evaluation of written applications and invitation to suited candidates to participate in an Assessment Center.
  • The Assessment Center will take place at the university closest to the invited candidates approximately 2-4 weeks following the application deadline.
  • Selected candidates will be informed about dates and other specifics ahead of time.
  • Invitation to the strongest candidates from each region to complete a timed video interview that will be reviewed by our Global Selection Team.
  • Final Selection: Following the Assessment Center, the global selection team will select the best-suited finalists from across the globe to join the Melton Foundation.

Click here for complete details of the fellowship.


To apply for the fellowship, click here.


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