In this article, I’m going to tell you about top Tech firms where you can sharpen your tech law-related skills and get a unique experience.

Technology law deals with the use and advancement of technology. Tech firms in India are providing lucrative job offers for the students because of the ever-increasing demand of lawyers who have knowledge of Technology law. For example, Do you know someone who has used pictures from social media when they don’t have access to it or someone whose patent has been infringed by a new competitor in the market? If your answer is yes, then say yes to this Technology Law. A technology lawyer has a wider area of expertise such as IPR laws, Cyber laws, IT law, environmental law, etc. It is a fast-emerging area but it also demands a lot of expertise from its lawyer. A technology lawyer has to draft technology contract drafting and has to negotiate it. They are also required to manage IP portfolios because they have to see that the patented technology will not leak to its competitors. They also introduce policies to prevent unauthorized use of these technologies. They also assess and manage risk and make the company cautious by defending the company from potential risks. They also have to understand the need for the policymaking processes in an organization like government bodies, companies, etc.  It is obvious that with the advancement in technology the number of laws and disputes related to technology has increased drastically. So,  technology lawyer has to litigate in technology-related disputes. They have to do a challenging task of explaining the judge about the technology and how it works. A technology lawyer has to keep himself updated with the latest technology at all times.

Trilegal – It’s one of the best law firms in India. It has established his reputation in the market within a short span of time. It is ranked as one of the topmost innovative law firms in APAC by FT- Asia – Pacific innovative lawyers.  It boasts of one of the oldest technology law practices in the country. Recently, it was in news for helping Aeronautical development agency with the commercialisation of technology software which was used for the creation of aircraft fabrication.

J. Sagar Associates – It offers a wide variety of services including Technology law. It has an impressive client record of blue-chip IT and Telecom Corporations Company. It’s widely respected for its service and client’s feedbacks.  It has some legal stalwarts who have specialization in TRAI and have industry knowledge.

DSK legal – It is a multidisciplinary law firm that is widely recognized for its commendable work in various industries like biotechnology, e-commerce, and e-commerce.  Their major clients are from start-ups, technology developers and consultants.

IndusLaw –  This firm advises investors and technology companies on transactional matters.  In technology law, they mainly deal with electronic data interchange advice, cloud-based delivery of service, contract drafting and negotiations.

Khaitan & Co. – This firm advises lots of companies on telecom matters and has clients from major software and media companies.  It is also reputed advising data and connection services.  It also drafts and negotiates contracts for various media firms and arranges joint ventures between these companies.

TechLegis – This s a relatively new firm compared to others in this list.  It was established in the year 2016. This firm has major clients like Voxbone( It’s a Belgian Company that provides IP communications service). It also has clients from the American healthcare sector.

Majmudar & Partners – It has been recognized for undertaking transactional work for tech companies.  Their recent was Kwench Global Technolgy. The firm advised it on data privacy policies in compliance with GDPR and Data Protection Compliance.

Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas – This firm is widely recognized as Tier-1 law firm by various media magazines and articles.  Its tech area covers the media and telecom sector and data policies.  Their major clients are Whatsapp, Uber, Facebook Ireland, and wal-mart. The most famous member of their Tech team is  Tejas Karia, who has been involved in Supreme Court cases for the online contents of Facebook and Whatsapp.

Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas – This firm also widely recognized as a Tier-1 law firm in India. They deal with transactions related to the technology sector in India.  They also advise on regulatory and commercial contracting matters.

L & L partners –  This firm has advised many international and national clients such as Goldman Sachs, ICICI Bank, Yahoo, Tata, and others.  It is well known for its joint venture work. It was recently in news for assisting ANI technologies with its licensing agreements with the feature related to ‘ola play’. This firm also deals with contract drafting and negotiations with start-ups and media houses.

Nishith Desai Associates – This firm has a highly reputed technology firm team. It helps clients to formulate a strategy for their IP services. Their reputed team is widely known for drafting strong technology and Intellectual Property Rights related contracts. The other area of their practice is Data Privacy. They have big clients like eBay, Flipkart, and Amazon.

Kochhar & Co. – It is an international firm with its office in Dubai, Atlanta and Jeddah.  It has expertise in cloud computing, data privacy, and e-commerce. The head of the TMT department, Mr. Stephan Mathias is very well known for his expertise in technology-related matters such as IT outsourcing, Data privacy, and cloud computing.

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