Recently, a clarification was issued by Whatsapp that mentioned the privacy of individuals won’t be affected if they don’t use two opitional features. Whatsapp recently announced that they have changed the privacy policy which is going to be effective from February 8. This privacy policy has caused a lot of controversy which is forcing the whatsapp users to move for other alternatives such as Signal and Telegram.

Facebook & Whatsapp can’t see your private messages and media

WhatsApp, in its FAQ Section has said that the new privacy policy will not be a threat to your family and friends. As per the policy, this update will only affect the messages sent to the business accounts on whatsApp. This is an optional feature that users can avoid. WhatsApp already offers end-to-end encryption for ensuring full privacy of personal messages for all its users and neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can read your messages or have access to your calls with your friends and family. It further clarified that Facebook and WhatsApp doesn’t keep a log of users calls and messages related data as it is a “grave privacy and security risk”.

WhatsApp won’t share your contact details

The recent clarification issued by whatsApp assured its users that it won’t share the contact details of your friends and family. The new contact feature will allow the user to quickly message your friends and family from the app.

Data Shared by WhatsApp with Facebook

WhatsApp has said that it will share information related to your collaborations with businesses on its application. WhatsApp also added that it will permit businesses to utilize Facebook’s hosting services to manage communications with their client. It also said that it will add a label to businesses who will use their Facebook hosting services.

WhatsApp Business accounts will also utilize Facebook’s Shops platform for displaying their products on WhatsApp. If you shop from whatsApp businesses that are using the Shops platform then your data related to your shopping activity will be shared with Facebook and it will further be used to show relevant ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Now, Facebook will permit you to message businesses utilizing WhatsApp using a button across it various platforms. when you message a business on WhatsApp, Facebook will have the option to utilize this information to show similar advertisements on its platform.

Impact of this policy on users

While Facebook won’t see your conversation with your loved ones, it will utilize your conversation with businesses to show your advertisements on Facebook, Instagram and different stages from the organization. This will mean your personal data is as protected as of now, your messages with businesses will be shared to Facebook.

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